Where to wear Samurai armor?

Wanna wear Samurai armor?

If  you try this, we guarantee it would be a one of your highlight for your visit in Japan!

Where are these to wear samurai armors? How to reach there? How much are these places?

Some places are easy to find on the internet, and also in good access.

Others however are not easy to reach, but they are offering incredibly good price for locals. Even local Japanese don’t know all these places and end up paying expensive price.


Here we would like to introduce you ALL the places we can find so far to wear Japanese Samurai armors!

Check them out!



Samurai Armor Places For Visitors

Wearing Samurai Armor in Kyoto

Located in Kyoto. If you visit Kyoto, this would be one of your option to visit here.

They have variety of armors here.

As you know, samurai created a lots of unique design so that they can show others their own existence.

Some of them expanded their territory, conquering surrounding samurai kingdoms.

Here are some of famous samurai examples, since they were strong.

  • Takeda Shingen
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Date Masamune
  • Naoe kanetsugu
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Kuroda Nagamasa
  • Kuroda Kanbee
  • Katou Kiyomasa
  • Azai Nagamasa
  • Honda Tadakatsu

What is remarkable in here is, they have all of armors specially designed for these samurais last times.

They will provide you entire set including samurai style inner dress, spear, shoes, and so on.

For sure you want to take pictures. No worries. They have studio attached to their shop. This studio got many back grounds which fit to samurai armor.

Some local Japanese decide to take wedding pictures in this studio wearing one of these samurai armors.


Check their website and you would love to visit.


Price :   JPY5000~

Access: 2 min walk from train station

*need to make appointment one week before

Studio is attached so that you can take one of your coolest picture!



Wearing Samurai Armor in Tokyo

Compared to the first choice in Kyoto, this one got fewer choice.

However this place still covers armors which are standard design.

The attractive part of this place is the location!

It is located right in the center in Tokyo. If you are running out of time, need to go back to Narita Airport soon, still you can try to wear in here.

In fact, they are providing one hour course to try samurai armor on, also you can make a short notice appointment which is just 3 days before.

You can make the appointment in English, since it is one of sightseeing spot.



Access: 8 min walk from train station
Price :   JPY6000~
*need to make appointment 3 days before



Wearing Samurai Armor in Kamakura

Kamakura is also one of the famous places to visit in Japan.

Once, it was set as a capital city in Japan.

Besides this place, you would find lot of other places to go around.


What is unique in here is, you can try on samurai’s daily clothes also. If your wife or your girl friend has no interest in wearing armors, still they would be also happy wearing beautiful Japanese classical style Kimono.

Don’t forget, they have NINJA wearing too!

You can even try Japanese style archery in good price! (JPY1500)


Access: 20 min walk from train station
Price :   JPY3800~
*need to make appointment



Samurai Armor Places For Locals (or those who have means to use their car)


Wearing Samurai Armor in Hakone

Basically, to introduce this hidden place to all we have been writing all this article.

Check the price, yes definitely attractive. And further more, it is original armor which was really used in samurai period back in 18th century.

Why are they allowing us to WEAR these? We don’t know. Better not ask them otherwise we’ll lose our chance.


Access: Car access

Price :   JPY1500~

*need to make appointment

*This place only provides you armors, not inner dress neither shoes.