10 Crazy things in Japan ~Elementary School Edition~

Have you ever been to school in Japan?

Many think school system in Japan is well established.

Yes that is true, in fact even though they don’t have major resources in Japan, they managed to accomplish miracle in economic growth.


However don’t forget there are many crazy things going on.

Here are some examples.


1. They have popular game called ”Ring the Bell and Dash” among school kids.

Usually, kids in elementary school walk to school.

Do you think they just walk to school nicely?

Of course not!

They have popular and common game passed through generations. We don’t know who started it.

The rule is simple. Just push the house bell and run away! Or hide near by and observe the householder.

What they enjoy is, getting thrill. Once you try, you’ll find it. But don’t do.

Some will warn you to call the police.


Don’t forget. Don’t buy a house near by, or beside school road!



2. In every grade there is at least one kid who never wear long sleeves.

For winter season in Japan, it becomes around 7℃.

Some kids, they have passion not to wear long sleeves.

What’s the point? To show off their healthiness, and so called strength.

Unfortunately, some of them are not strong enough, they end up having fever taken cared by their mom.



3. They have competition held in class who can drink milk fastest.

Usually milk is provided as they have school lunch every day.

Here it goes, who can drink milk fastest in the class.

Sadly though not all the kids have strong stomach. It will be time go to toilet.



4. There are some who would enjoy chewing their pencils

Their parents always tell them don’t cause it has lead contained. This add them more joy chewing in school since there are few stopping them.

This would not be that weird thing for some in western counties.

Then how about next?



5. There are always someone who eat  booger!

Ok, pretty disgusting.

How’s the taste? I have asked as a joke, hoping that she would be ashamed of it.

It is salty♡

…. Thanks for sharing information.


But please don’t touch me.



6. Among girls, it is common to collect ”information card”

The card is usually like in this form

having information such as,

  1. Birth day
  2. Address
  3. Blood type
  4. Height
  5. Weight
  6. Favorite food
  7. Food they don’t like
  8. Favorite person
  9. Person they don’t like
  10. Hobby, etc

The amount of cards they could collect is kind of status they would get among them, showing how much they have their friend.

I hope they didn’t sell all these information later..



7. When they rearrange kids into new class, bullies would be arranged to class #1 and usually scary teacher would be assigned to take care.

2 phrases bullies are scared of

Ohh will tell about this to my teacher!


I will tell this to my mom/dad!

If you are being bullied, it’s worth to try this.



8. Every single elementary school has this white box thing in their school yard.

What is this?

This box has thermometer inside it. The point having this out layer is to prevent direct sunlight or other factors disturb the measurement.

And how often do they use.

ONCE in every year

They use this box for only in particular science class.


Is it only me feeling the company providing this is pretty lucky?



9. Doing number 2 is Don’t among boys

If they have no choice, it comes with high risk.

If he got found, other boys would try to figure out who is using the toilet and doing his business.

First they’ll try to check underneath the toilet door. If they got second chance above the door.

In this reason, all boys try their very best not to use toilets to do number 2 in school.



10. During break hours many want to play ” Dodgeball”

Dodgeball is a game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves.

(Quoted from Wikipedia)

Many of them are obsessed with this ball game.

The one who can play good would be a hero in the class.

This happens only in elementary school.




Some of the culture have common ground in school in other countries.

As Japanese culture is pretty unique, their school culture is also unique.

Or their unique culture starts from elementary school.

Do you wanna have experience in there?

You need your kid get enrolled these school to achieve this!